HPhA would like to welcome students to our 2020 Student Meet & Greet hosted via Zoom on August 15 at 10am! 

Have you ever had a question that you might have been too shy to ask in person? Have you felt that everyone else already seemed to know the answer to something that you didn't? Did you have a really specific question but weren't sure who to ask?

For this year, HPhA will be a hosting a panel of pharmacists who will be accepting anonymous questions before the event. HPhA will also be reviewing these questions beforehand to try to find a panelist that can appropriately answer submitted questions. Your questions will help us determine who will be on the panel!

So go ahead and ask those questions by clicking here! Question submissions will close August 8th.

Be sure to register for the 2020 Student Series - Meet & Greet to get your answers!

See you there!