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Hawaii-specific Legislation: (ongoing)

Topic Brief Description Last Updated
Free PPE for Small Businesses and Non-profits Starting August, 26, 2020, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) has opened an opportunity for non-profit organizations and small businesses to obtain PPE equipment free of charge. To qualify, businesses must have fewer than 100 employees (pre-COVID). There is no restriction of size of non-profits. 9/2020
Pharmacists administering COVID-19 tests Pharmacists and pharmacy interns, under the direct supervision of a pharmacist, to administer COVID-19 tests as long as they are following all appropriate guidelines. Employers should refer to DHHS 20-02 for further guidance regarding staff education/training.  8/20/20



National Legislation: (ongoing)

Topic Brief Description Last Updated
Well-Child Test tools provided by APHA, NASPA, NCPA

Well-Child Visit Brochure

Template Referral Form Well-Child Visit

Well-Child Checkup Letter

Administration Action to Expand Access to Vaccines

Guidance for Licensed Pharmacists and Pharmacy Interns Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines and Immunity under the PREP Act

COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Discussion


Public Listening Session 9/2/2020 - visit the website to register!

Written Comment Period for Discussion Draft - 9/1/2020 - 9/4/2020

Adovate for Provider Status

Take Action! Contact Congress today! 


On Aug. 8, 2020, President Trump directed the Secretary to continue to suspend loan payments, stop collections, and waive interest on ED-held student loans until Dec. 31, 2020.

Access to Childhood Vaccines

HHS expanded access to childhood vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic. After appropriate training, the pharmacist and pharmacy intern, under direct supervision of a pharmacist, is authorized to order and administer vaccines to ages 3-18 years old. Further requirements is explained in the amendment.

Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition

ASHP announced Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition will transition to a virtual platform on December 6-10, 2020. Visit their website for more information.

COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance Authorization for Licensed Pharmacists to Order and Administer COVID-19 Vaccines under the PREP Act  6/20/20
COVID-19 Testing Form Pharmacies will need a CLIA Waiver to participate in testing. Fill out a form and mail it in to your state.   4/2020
HEROES Act of 2020 

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians added to HEROES Act 

H.R.6800 - Emergency supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2020.




CE Opportunities:

TRC COVID-19 Resource Hub - FREE



Hawaii Board of Pharmacy Website - for updates on online applications, examination status/closures, contains material for MPJE

Hawai‘i DOH Website

City of Honolulu Website

CDC Website 

WHO Website 

ASHP Website 

HMSA Website

UW Medicine COVID-19 Resource Site

Johns Hopkins Interactive Map




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